BFG art                      

texture.  color.  emotion.

Currently Displaying:
Barili Cellars - 608 W. 2nd Ave in Spokane 
Wink Salon - 204 N. Division in Spokane
Charley's - 801 N. Monroe in Spokane

Check out "shotguns and spraypaint"

   - Brendan

Over the years, art to me always seemed so well-defined. I’ve never formally studied the subject, and like so many things, I always thought it had to conform or exist within well-defined borders. But life changes...your viewpoint changes...and then you must turn the page.

I’ve always had a thing for color and texture. I had reached a point in my life where changes were coming at me from all around. I had some ideas… I had creativity, frustration, emotion, and passion to vent. I found my outlet in what I called "playing with paint." Art became my therapy.

When I can’t quite figure things out, when I need some "me" time, when I want to have some fun… I paint. Time well wasted.


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